Our first trip to Iran 26.10.-09.11.2019

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Our first trip to Iran 26.10.-09.11.2019

At first a little skeptical about the political situation, we arrived full of expectations in Teheran. The many teahouses, mosques and the mountains flashing in the background passed by the window and I realized that this would certainly be a very special and exciting journey.

Right at the beginning, the capital Tehran presented itself from its most beautiful side: palaces, archeological places and the colorful bazaar gave already a hint of the impressive history of the country. After we have explored the city on foot, I couldn’t wait to get on the bike and explore the Elburs Mountains in the hinterland of Tehran. Our guides Ali and Sohil and the bus driver made a great team. They showed us the most beautiful routes and told us exciting stories. Thanks to Ali, it seemed like a study trip, because he could answer almost every question with his well-founded expertise.

Moschee mit Brunnen im Iran

The hospitality of the locals was one of the most touching and fascinating experiences of this trip. People found it easy to get in touch with us by offering meals on the street or spontaneously picking up their musical instruments to introduce us to the Persian culture. Strangers stopped by the side of the road to greet and welcome us in their country. Even toddlers seemed so fascinated that they got in touch with us with the help of their parents. Teenagers respectfully asked if they can take a picture with us and were happy to practice their English. Cycling made it even easier to get to know the people. Already in the beginning, I realized that media coverage and reality are far apart and I saw the stereotypes in my head slowly collapsing.

Moschee im Iran

The varied cycle tours and surroundings with the contrasting landscape were a real pleasure on the high-quality mountain bikes. From beech forests we cycled to the salt desert and from there again through the mountains. The view that was offered to us during the several legs just made us dreaming. The possibility to rent e-bikes is surely a pleasant thought for those who are afraid of the climbs,.

Thanks to the lunch and dinner offered, we also got to know the culinary world. Great delights and interesting tea blends awaited us every day.

Die in steingeschmeisselte Geschichte in Persepolis auf unserer Radreise durch den Iran

However, one of my personal highlights happened in the end: Persepolis, the ancient city, immediately captivated me, and before my eyes, a film about life in the Persian Empire was played in a loop. Ali told us in detail how the life of the Persians must have happened then and how it came to the incomparable rise of this empire. The pictures came within reach.

Das Innere einer Moschee im Iran

The big cities of Kashan, Shiraz and Isfahan fascinated me with their mosaic-decorated mosques and the tremendous architectural power they present. In turquoise, green and blue, they literally radiated and invited us to learn more about Muslim culture and Islam. As the light danced on the colorfully decorated glass panes, Ali took us on a mystical journey and we listened intently as we sat on the carpet, internalizing every single word.

iran radreise france a velo radfahrer wüste

After 15 intense days, it was time to say goodbye. With a crying and a laughing eye, I got on the bus that would take us to the airport. Fascinated by land and people, I am sure that this was not my last trip to Iran. Khoda Hafez! Goodbye!

Eine Frau steht mit ausbreiteten Armen vor der Wüste auf unserer Radreise durch den Iran